The Club's aims and objectives are to bring together persons with a common interest to encourage the use, maintenance and preservation of motor vehicles and all members are expected to participate in the achievement of these objectives.

The Club has Clubrooms in Humffray Street South (Cnr.Gladstone Street) and monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month at 8.00pm (unless otherwise noted in the calendar.) Members are encouraged to bring a plate and stay for supper after the meeting.

The club has a membership limit of 550 members, so there may be a waiting list.

To become a member of the VCCC the applicant must first apply on the correct membership form and this must be both nominated and seconded by two current financial VCCC Ballarat club members. That is to say that the applicant must be known to the club. This can be achieved by attending meetings as a visitor or guest and club activities to become known to, and accepted by members.
The application must be accompanied by the necessary joining and membership fees before it will be considered by committee. If the committee accepts the application then the person applying is listed in a club newsletter in order for any member to raise any concerns they may have.

If, by the following general meeting, no issues are raised then the applicant can be made a member.

Applicants must attend the monthly meeting after nomination to become accepted as a member of the club.

If you are unable to attend your first meeting you are expected to contact the secretary and advise the reason for your inattendance.

If you require any further information in regard to the Club, and the benefits which you, as a member can enjoy, please don’t hesitate to contact the membership officer by email. (See Contact Us)