In introducing the new Permit Scheme VicRoads stated the intended use description as follows:

 "While it is nevertheless expected that most permit vehicle use would continue to be associated with club activities, permit holders would also be able to use their vehicles for a range of personal purposes associated with maintenance and enjoyment of their hobby vehicle."

The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) always was and remains primarily for the use of club members to enjoy their hobby vehicles.

We are a VicRoads authorised Club under the Club Permit Scheme should you wish to put any vehicles into this scheme. The club has a 3 month waiting period from the time you become a member until you are eligible to put a vehicle onto the club permit scheme. The Scheme is not intended as a cheaper alternative to registration; rather it is primarily for use of club members to enjoy their hobby vehicles.

To put your vehicle on to the CPS through the VCCC, our club requires a current Victorian Roadworthy certificate for the vehicle and Pre 1949 vehicles require a safety check from a Club approved safety inspector then at the club's discretion it can stamp and authorise the VicRoads club permit scheme application which is then lodged at VicRoads.

Once a member you can access the membership section of the website to see VCCC requirements

Note that the club, under the scheme, has a number of obligations to VicRoads including advising VicRoads when a member ceases to be financial or when a member is known not to be using the vehicle within the conditions of the permit scheme - remembering here what the intended purpose of the CPS is.

Remember too, that each time the person uses the vehicle they must fill in the log book correctly before venturing onto the road.